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Home is where you are

All over me

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If I die tonight, at least I left a legacy.

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what they killed adam on degrassi no that can’t be a thing

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RIP Cory Allan Michael Monteith, May 11 1982- July 13 2012

you will be greatly missed by many, rest in paradise. 

so all fandoms uniting for the Glee fandom yesterday was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen on this website. I know I missed some fandoms on this but your love hasn’t gone forgotten (Directioners, The TW Fanmily, Trekkies, Potterheads, Teen Wolf fans….) I really couldn’t remember all of the fandoms so I posted some of them okay. 

Thank you all so much for giving us Gleeks so much love in this time and we all appreciate it so so so much. 


please everybody, if you are actually seeing darren tomorrow, leave him space and don’t force him into signing stuff or even talking if he doesn’t want to. he has still lost a friend and co-worker, and only because he’s strong enough to make an interwiew, it doesn’t mean he’s completely okay.

Anyone who helps themselves is a hero in my book.


Glee changed their facebook photo to this one.imageI still can’t believe this is actually happening.