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Hello. As most of you avid FF readers may have figured out by now, has been doing a mass purge of the site and getting rid of a lot of stories that break the rules. When one of my own stories was deleted and my account was suspended for three days, I figured it was just the site moderators going through and doing some kind of routine check. However, when I found out that more and more people were having their work deleted - in some cases, just because the summary was “inappropriate” - something told me I had to look into this. The facts about what’s really going on may surprise you.

The people in charge of this mass deletion of stories are not site moderators. They are normal users of the site like anyone else. If you go to their profiles, you’ll see that they even have work of their own. They call themselves Critics United and they basically have nothing better to do except sit around and comb through the site for any story that has some kind of minor infraction. They then post it on their forum (most seem to be on either this thread or this thread, also here) so that other members of the group can go en masse to the story and not only report it for violating the guidelines, but also bully the author via review.

It’s one thing to quietly report a story that you think has broken the rules without saying a word to the author about it. However, what these people are doing is bullying. Earlier today I screenshotted some of the reviews that they’ve been leaving on the stories they go after, and some of what they say is truly sickening.

These are only a few examples. If you browse through their forum you’ll be able to see just how intense they get. As you can see from the reviews I posted above, these people aren’t just “critics” - they are bullies. The “constructive criticism” they supposedly dole out is anything but - something tells me that true constructive critics would not use words like “shitfic” or “toxic crap.” And by posting the links to these stories in their forums, it enables everyone else in the group to go and bully these authors as well.

(Funny thing is, they complain when the authors respond to them with less-than-pleasant words. I wonder why.)

Anyway, I think something needs to be done. Critics United prides itself on being strict followers of the rules and site guidelines; however, they fail to notice that they themselves are also breaking an important rule - no bullying or harassment. Unfortunately I don’t think there’s an easy solution to this problem, seeing as there’s no way to report specific users - only block them. However, I dothink it is important for everyone to know exactly what is going on. I know a lot of people were upset by what’s been happening, and they deserve to know the truth.

If you have any questions please feel free to message me on here or on my account. That’s all.

They’re legitimately reporting stuff for being in second person? Let me guess: it breaks the rule that says you can’t involve the reader in the story. Except that’s not actually the purpose of second person.

This is ridiculous. 

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    I generally don’t take exception to what people decide to do with their lives on the internet, but online bullying is...
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    I have never been more pissed off. I understand that they’re doing something for a cause, but honestly, all they’re...
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