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The anger starts at twelve.

Give Me a Reason

Four times Marcus Anderson ignored homophobia, and one time he did something about it.

Next To You

Kurt and Blaine always sit next to each other in Glee club. Always. They really didn’t like anyone messing that up. Especially Kurt.

As Time Goes

When children are young, their parents- especially their mothers- are their lifelines; their means of survival. But children begin to grow up, and things change. Written for Mother’s Day.


When Rachel asked him to come back for Nationals, he’s never truly considered it. Now, with Santana standing before him, there might be other decisions to make. (Sequel to Not a Chance.)

I Won’t Say I Love You

Love is a word that’s tossed around a lot carelessly. Blaine doesn’t want it to be like that for them. But sometimes, not saying things will just make your relationships a thousand times harder.

April Fools

Kurt always did think that the Warblers were upright…April Fools Day might just be the time to have a little fun with that.

Missing You

Blaine misses Kurt a lot more than he’s willing to let on. Sometimes, you have to convince yourself you’re strong to get through things.

Never Tell Me No

Two boys in Ohio going to the prom together was never going to be easily accepted- but Kurt and Blaine weren’t going to let this one go. Some things are worth fighting for.

Worth It After All

Blaine was hoping that when he invited Kurt over for dinner on his birthday, thing’s might go a little bit better than they usually do. But then again, they never really do. But maybe there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

Probably Should Have Said That

When Kurt was invited to meet Blaine’s parents, he wasn’t expecting it to go quite like this…or for there to be sushi involved. He’s beginning to think this evening might not go so well.

Blame It On The Alcohol

Kurt is invited to a Warblers party, and he may or may not get a little tipsy, and may or may not say a few things…oh, whatever. He’s just going to blame it on the alcohol.


Pride In You

Pride parades are a tradition for the Berry’s-but Rachel can’t understand why Quinn isn’t so keen. Sometimes, the past can keep you from sticking by the ones you love.

Perfect For a Day

Lucy doesn’t want to go to this stupid ballet class, but she’s hoping she might at least meet someone to help her feel better about being in this whole situation.


Clary had seen a lot of relationships in her years of observing-but she had seen none quite like that of Quinn Fabray and Rachel Berry.


Catch You

Shane had always wanted to be the one to protect someone. He’d just never had the chance-until Reed Van Kamp came into his life. But sometimes, even the ones who stumble the most are to quick to catch. Dalton Verse. Dalton and OC’s belong to CP Coulter.

The Pursuit of Happiness

Ever since her childhood, all Quinn Fabray ever wanted was to be happy.


She almost had her. Every single time, she would nearly have the girl by her side, until she would slip through her fingers again, lost to whichever boy chose to pursue her that week. Drabble. Santana’s thoughts during Never Been Kissed.

Moving On

Rachel Berry has been dead for seventeen years, unable to move on. She is drawn back to Lima, where the death of Kurt Hummel awaits her. Moving on is never simple. WARNING: Character deaths. AU.

Not A Chance

"Kurt," she breathes, "we’re going to lose Nationals…because we don’t have you." Rachel attempts to convince Kurt to come back for Nationals.

Think About It

To be perfectly honest, all those times he’d tossed Kurt Hummel into dumpsters, he’d never really thought about what he was doing. Now, as he’s hearing a bit more about the Holocaust, he’s thinking maybe he should have.

How To Save a Life

Twice Blaine considered it. Twice Quinn wouldn’t entertain the thought. Once they both might finally understand. Trigger warning: serious contemplation of suicide.


"Someday I’ll be living in a big old city…and all you’re ever gonna be is mean." The first hint of cruelty in someone’s life can shape a person. That’s what it managed to do for each of the glee kids.

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